200KW Immersion Cooling Cabinet

200KW Immersion Cooling Cabinet

Specifications:      200KW  I  39 Rack space for Antminer S19

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Shipping Date: Delivery within 45 days after payment

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This is 200KW immersion cooling cabinet for Miner cooling in the process of work. It adopts self-developed immersion cooling system to improve the cooling and heat dissipation of server in a more effective way. Suitable for all mining machines (can place 39 sets of Antminer S19).

Ideal For Medium And Large Companies

For medium and large-scale company, this is a very convenient and quick way to overclock with oil cooling. By applying our fluid cooling cabinet, clients are available to mine as their wishes, even in their garden. Noise generated by the devices will be defused by the cabinet. From now on, clients will have a quiet and efficient mining farm. Through our adapted PSU and software, the devices can achieve a 60% increase in hash rate and reduce the cost of each mining machine. And as the number of mining machines increases.

200KW Immersion Cooling Container


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