20FT With A Cooling Tower Built-in

JZX-20-560 Immersion Liquid Cooling Container

Specifications      560KW I 112 Rack space for Antminer S19

Purchasing Guidelines

Shipping Date: Delivery within 45 days after payment

Payment Method:USD I USDT I USDC

Almost mute
With miners completely immersed in cooling liquid, noise is extremely low. Liquid cooling greatly decreases noise in comparison with air cooling.

Effective overclocking
Some miners can get a 40%-60% overclocking.

Easy installation
Modular design and assembled deployment highly shorten the circle of implementation, increasing installation efficiency. Also, both sea freight and land transportation are easy.

Waste heat recycling
90% heat energy from miners can be recycled in an efficient manner with the help of waste heat recovery technology, like supplying heat for your houses or swimming pool, or hot water supply, or making profits by heat supply, etc.

Operating Principal

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