1. What do you normally sell into USA?

Immersion liquid cooling boxes, like 40kw, 120kw and 200KW. 20ft/40ft container will arrive there soon.

2. If we have a large format data centre I guess we don't need the containers?

Immersion liquid cooling containers will benefit your mining farm.

1). Increase hashrate by overclocking

2). Reduce temperature of miners to lessen failure, so as to improve profitablity

3). Eliminate greatly noise

3. Do you ship the electrical panels that you see in the video as well?

Once our sales center is set up in the US. We shall ship whole containers and components there.

4. I can not be sure the miners will all equally be cooled?

Equally cooled.

5. How much area do I need for the water tower and immersion setup?

This is up to you as long as the area is big enough for both.

6. What is the max OC capacity of an S19 series miner with a stock PSU rated at 3600w?


154T, 5900W

7. Do you have a current pricing for the 40watt and 200watt system?

415/240V 60Hz

1) 40KW, usd 2699; 200KW, usd 13999;

Note: the price does not include the cost of a water tower and shipping.

2) 40KW usually requires a 20-ton cooling tower;

200KW usually requires a 80-ton cooling tower.

8. Does the container leak oil at the bottom?

Not at all, for it's sealed. The only leakage perhaps happens to the connection between pipes, which can be solved by pipe replacement. But this is rare.

9. Can it be placed on an offshore platform?

40KW, 120kw and 200KW are designed for indoor places.20ft/40ft containers for outdoor sites.

10. Which container will you reommond and the quantity?

Since you wanna start with test from a small order. We advice you to buy one or two of any 40KW, 120KW or 200KW.

11. What I'm looking for is how is the oil flowing through the miners and are all miners being cooled the same throughout the whole tank?

1) There is a mouth in the heat exchanger where hot oil goes in to get cooled and then get out to flow into the cooling pool.

2) Yes, all miners get cooled the same in the pool. But heating of minders varies with their models. Like whatsminer, it is high in heating but our oil can control it. There is a control center in the box where you can regulate temperature.

12. Do you have a dry cooler solution?

For 40KW, we offer both cooling tower and dry cooler.

13. Do you have monitoring and control for each tank?

Yes, you can operate remote control by downlading an app in your cellphone.

14. I want to make sure if I need bring in my power panels, PDUs, network switch, etc.

All of things you mentioned have been built in the cooling boxes. We will match everying according to customers' power voltage and site.

15. Do you have pricing including delivery to Dubai?

Can you tell me which model you are interested in first? Because the weight and volume of each model may be different, so that I can calculate the shipping cost for you.

16. Can you tell me how I can run in Dubai. We have 45-50C in summer. What heat rejection system is recommended?

We recommend that you use a water tower because the cooling effect of the water tower is better. According to local temperature conditions, our professional engineers recommend 60t water tower.

17. Parts and support availability?

We offer additional parts and technical support for our customers.

18. Maximum power (watts) available at the PDU plug?

5kw for each plug.

19. What’s the MOQ ?



1. What is your current expected delivery time after payment?

1) Delivery normally within 30- 45 days;

2) Sea freight takes about 40 days to the US.

2. What are your thoughts on shipping costs/ times and US duties (can you handle this)?

If you don't have your shipping agency, we would like to arrange one. This will be carried out by see freight. Maybe 40KW can take by flight.

3. Delivery time?

About 30 days.


What is your payment process and terms?

1) Down payment needs 50%, the balance needs to be paid off before shippment.

2) USDT, T/T, Alibaba


1. Whithin warranty, how to deal with problems with cooling boxes?

We can offer you components with no charge to get replaced. And for problems can't be fixed by replacement of parts, we shall letour technicans to help you solve them by remote instructions. Now we are looking for partners in the US as our representative center of before/after-sales.

2. Warranty?

One year.


1. What would your pricing be on a cooling tower just for a guiide?

20-ton is at the price of more than USD 2000; 80-ton costs at more than USD 4000.

2. Do you have pricing on the various miners you have and represent?

Please give us you email, we shall send you a price list.

3. Do you have any clients in US who would give a reference?

Yes, but first I have to ask a permission from them.

We are looking for a partner in the US to represent us of a before/after-sales agent.

4. What's your best price can offer us?

For small orders, we don't have discount. We toghether are able to talk about the best prices for you when your side decide to place a big order with us in future.

5. Is cooling oil included?

Not include the oil, if you need, we can provide the oil for you.

6. Type of oil? Specifications of the oil.

Transformer oil.

7. How many years are you in business?

2 years.


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