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The full name of Box Technology is HONGKONG BOX TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO,. LIMITED. It  is a company that specializes in developing and manufacturing immersion cooling systems for data center infrastructure.

Our Green Data Center has a deep understanding of miner. The self-developed immersion cooling system can meet the cooling needs of most miner. According to the needs of customers in different industries, we can also customize the production of data center infrastructure for server cooling. We hope to make our own for the green environment of the earth.

Import And Export

We can mass-produce 40kw, 120kw and 200kw immersion cooling containers and can customize green data center solutions for cryptocurrency miner according to customer needs. We can also ship to any place in the world that can be received.

At present, our immersion cooling system have been exported to major miner hosting places such as North America and Kazakhstan. We have been widely praised!

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