Benefits of Immersion Cooling for Bitcoin Miners

Benefits of Immersion Cooling for Bitcoin Miners

Before conducting an economic analysis, it is important to understand the advantages of immersion cooling compared to air cooling, which helps justify its higher upfront costs. In short, immersion cooling has the following benefits.


More efficient heat dissipation

The fluid used in immersion, called media coolant, is much more thermally conductive and dense than air, making it more capable of absorbing heat and moving it away from the miner quickly. What’s more, immersion-cooled miners can run faster without overheating.


Increased hardware life

Small vibrations and rapid temperature fluctuations can reduce the life of the hardware, and immersion cooling greatly reduces both of these conditions because liquid temperatures are more stable than air, and fans that create vibrations in air can be removed in immersion cooling.


Better operating conditions

Immersion liquids prevent dust and debris from entering the hardware, reducing cleaning and maintenance requirements. In addition, eliminating the fan and the density of the fluid virtually eliminates noise in the air that can deafen miners.


Improved efficiency (J/TH)

On a new-generation mining machine like the Antminer S19, the four fans consume approximately 35 watts each, or 5% of the machine’s total power consumption in the air. Removing them and letting them run immersed means that this 5% energy savings can be used for more hashing, increasing J/TH by about that amount.


Safer overclocking (more TH/s)

More efficient cooling and immersion operation conditions also allow miners to overclock their machines to a very significant degree, as we will see later in this article.

The oil is circulated using pumps, and heat is removed from the system using external radiators and fans. Immersion cooling, like water cooling, extends the lifetime of the mining rig, lowers e-waste, allows overclocking, and enables heat reuse.

All of these benefits make immersion cooling superior to air cooling, regardless of the climate in which the miner is operating. However, it has a much higher upfront cost, so there is still the question of whether immersion cooling is worth it.

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