2022 Box Technology’s Latest Immersion Cooler Benefits

I believe that friends who own miners will have the same trouble: the miner equipment will gradually become hot and hot during operation and the damage rate is extremely high. Faced with this trouble, most people have already started to choose suitable cooling system. Hoping Box Technology can also make it onto your shortlist.

About Box Technology

Box Technology not only has an experienced research team, but also has its own factory and excellent after-sales service. Box Technology can customize the immersion cooling equipment to meet the customer’s requirements. Box Technology can also mass produce more immersion cooling equipment. Box Technology has stood out among its competitors for more than a decade, relying on reputation, technology and customer concern.

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Box Technology immersion cooler – Better safety

Box Technology immersion cooling equipment will have a control panel outside, all of which are LCD displays. Customers can see the operation page very clearly. The touch buttons on the page are quite easy to use, and the cell phone can download the APP operation in WIFI mode. Before using the immersion cooler, customers can adjust the appropriate oil critical temperature according to their needs, up to 65°C. When the immersion cooler is running, if the oil temperature reaches the critical temperature adjusted by the customer. The cooler equipment device will automatically respond to power off the machine. So even if the customer is out of the house. There is no need to worry about accidents that may cause the miner equipment to be overloaded due to water outage and high weather temperature.

Box Technology 40KW immersion cooler

Boxtechy 40KW immersion cooler

Box Technology immersion cooler – More flexible operation

The oil does not have electrical conductivity. If the customers want to replace the miner equipment, they can directly unplug the designated miner equipment immersed in oil from the immersion cooler. And then take it out and replace it. This behavior will not cause any damage to the human body or the miners. And there is no need to hire someone to deal with, as the operation is very flexible.

Box Technology immersion cooler – Larger capacity

At present, the largest capacity on the market is 120k. Box Technology immersion cooling equipment can be up to 150kw, which can accommodate more miners.

Box Technology 200KW immersion cooler

Boxtechy 150KW immersion cooler

Box Technology 600KW immersion cooler

Boxtechy 600KW immersion cooler

Box Technology immersion cooler – Customized service

Box Technology will provide customized limmersion cooling solutions based on information such as the location of the installation site, surrounding temperature, electricity voltage. And miner equipment models used by customers to ensure that customers can use Box Technology immersion cooler directly after receiving them.

▼Box Technology immersion cooling solutions

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If you still don’t know which product is suitable for your miner equipment, you can take the initiative to contact Box Technology. Our account manager will reply you as soon as possible after receiving your email to help you solve the heat dissipation problems of the miner equipment as soon as possible.

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