Can Immersion Cooling Be Considered A Serious Data Center Cooling Solution?

Can Immersion Cooling Be Considered A Serious Data Center Cooling Solution
Immersion cooling is already in active use in several data centers around the world. As soon as you enter the server room, one does not notice the sudden chill due to the low temperature. Also, one will notice large stacks of servers immersed in oil (e.g. mineral oil).


In many data centers, it is common to see that the amount of energy used for cooling is comparable to the amount of energy used for computing/processing. This is measured in terms of power usage efficiency (PUE). When using air conditioning for cooling, a significant amount of energy may be required. In contrast, when immersed in mineral oil, it provides the fastest cooling solution. In addition, since oil is an insulator, there are no short circuits.


Immersion cooling is ready for the data center. In fact, immersion cooling combined with cooling towers offers one of the greenest and best cooling solutions for data centers.


Our Box Technology has designed this solution for data centers from the ground up and solved many of the day-to-day problems that any operations team might encounter.

Air Coolers
The reality is that an air-based approach to data center cooling will only get you so far. Cooling high-density racks with air is very complex, let alone an entire server room full of high-density racks. Immersion cooling will be one of the new trends in the average data center in the coming years. It is one of the most environmentally friendly options without moving your data center to the North Pole.


Can immersion cooling be considered a serious data center cooling solution? The answer is a resounding yes. In truth, immersion cooling is not only sustainable but also enhances sustainability! Immersion cooling consumes less energy than traditional air cooling systems, so you get more cooling while reducing your carbon footprint.


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