How Cost-effective Is Immersion Cooling In The 5G Time?

Immersion Cooling In The 5G Time
With the rapid development of 5G networks, artificial intelligence, and industrial internet, many data centers have servers that often need to be on 24/7 all year round.


The servers, in turn, generate a lot of heat when they are working, so cooling has become one of the biggest concerns for data center-related industries. Traditional air-cooling, air conditioning cooling, and other methods have long been unable to meet the needs of development. In this case, submerged liquid cooling has become the mainstream trend of development.


The so-called submerged liquid cooling is the IT hardware directly submerged in the coolant with large thermal mass and excellent heat transfer performance, which can make the heat generated by electronic components, directly and efficiently transferred to the coolant.


This keeps the server at a constant temperature, dramatically reduces energy consumption, and saves space. Because of the use of submerged liquid cooling, reduces the need for active cooling components such as thermally conductive interface materials, heat sinks, and fans for the server.


How Cost-effective Is Immersion Cooling In The 5G Time?

For example, in single-phase immersion cooling, fluid remains in its liquid phase. Electronic components are immersed directly in a dielectric liquid in a sealed but readily accessible enclosure, and the heat from the electronic components is transferred to the liquid. A pump is typically used to flow the heated liquid to a heat exchanger, where it is cooled and circulated into the enclosure.


Once the coolant has absorbed enough heat from the server, the hot coolant is pumped by a circulation pump to an external heat sink to cool it down. The cooled coolant is then circulated into the server, which keeps the server in a constant state and can greatly reduce cooling energy consumption, making it efficient and energy-saving. It is worth noting that there is basically no loss of these coolants, their use is theoretically unlimited, and they can continue to absorb heat for a long time, and they are insulating substances, and will not corrode the server itself, so they are highly favored by the data industry.

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