Box Technology Immersion Cooling Solution 2022

Box Technology Immersion Cooling Solution 2022
Box Technology Immersion Cooling: unmatched cooling performance for the modern data center. Boxtechy immersion cooling offers a highly-effective solution with more advantages on higher-density servers to control temperatures more efficiently, rapidly, and cost-effectively than the traditional way. Today, let’s introduce you to our innovative new immersion cooling system.


Immersion cooling is a highly-effective solution from Box Technology. We’re able to deliver immersion cooling solutions – from DT-40KW to DT-200KW and we are ready for your business success.


To improve data center power consumption comprehensively, we develop cooling technology that allows servers to operate inside an immersion box filled with miner oil or dielectric fluid.


These types of fluids allow servers to run at full capacity without ever overheating. The temperatures of all of its components will remain at the lower end of their operating ranges.


Moreover, as the immersion cooling system needs no fans to keep servers cool, they can be completely removed without affecting server operation. This greatly reduces data center power consumption on the server side of things.
boxtechy immersion cooling system

Our immersion cooling system leverages advanced immersion cooling technology to quickly reroute server heat externally, with a minimum amount of power consumption. For users of supercomputers, immersion cooling is the preferred solution.


We believe that the benefits of liquid cooling are obvious. The total cost of ownership is greatly reduced and server stability and reliability are thoroughly preserved. We’ve already implemented custom boxtechy liquid cooling solutions in family mining projects, and mining farms as well.


By the way, our new mining immersion cooling system (20ft container) which can hold 120pcs*S19 or M31s is coming soon. If you are interested in our immersion cooling solutions, please get in touch with us at

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20 years of experience in the production of large equipment. liquid cooling equipment is the greenest and most effective solution.

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