Why choose Single Phase Immersion Cooling?

Why choose Single Phase Immersion Cooling?
Immersion cooling has been used in computer hardware since the 1960s, with some supercomputers being completely submerged in dielectric fluids to dissipate heat. As data centers become a trend, high-performance and artificial intelligence workloads are demanding computational density as we have never seen before. Given the ever-increasing global warming situation,  it is not surprising that we are faced with an ever-increasing need for cooling solutions. In today’s article, let’s get you into the single phase immersion cooling.

Single phase immersion cooling is a better solution to get the data center up and running. Immersion cooling is an approved technology in many industries nowadays, particularly in high-power transformers and electric vehicle battery packs. It is the most effective way to dissipate heat and electrically protect thermally dense components.


By immersing the server directly in a non-conductive coolant bath, heat can be effectively removed. The coolant transfers heat straight from the server while the server components are running and heated. The coolant is piped to the heat exchanger, heat is removed through the use of a cooling tower, and then the frozen coolant is sent back to the tank.

This system is a more efficient way to dissipate heat and also improves the performance of the server. Single phase immersion cooling can be effectively used for blockchain, high-frequency trading, 5G, and other applications in a variety of industries.


BoxTechy provides single phase immersion cooling solutions that allow you to greatly reduce energy consumption in their data centers and radically reduce operational costs and environmental impact.


If you are interested in BoxTechy‘s immersion cooling systems and would like to explore your opportunities, you can submit your inquiry to: info@boxtechy.com

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