Boxtechy Immersion Cooling System: A Greener Approach to Crypto Mining

We believe that friends who own miners to crypto mining will have the same trouble: the miner equipment will gradually become hot and hot during operation and the damage rate is extremely high. Fortunately, there are some viable initiatives and approaches that have the potential to alleviate the burden and promote green crypto mining. In today’s article, we are going to let you know a greener way to crypto mining: Box Technology Immersion Cooling System.

Box Technology Immersion Cooling System

Box Technology immersion cooling solution has many advantages, for example, overclocking and fine-tuning with custom firmware effects from 40% to 60% more hashrate. Then, by reducing the influence of high temperature, humidity, dust, and vibration, the failure rate of equipment can be reduced by 60%, and the cost of equipment operation and maintenance can be reduced by 85%. What’s more, by reducing the contamination, overheating and rust of the mining machine, the service life of the mining machine hardware is increased by about 4-5 years. The most important point is that boxtechy immersion cooling system is environmentally friendly.

Environmental Protection

Boxtechy immersion cooling system is a more environmentally friendly approach compared to other cooling methods.

By applying our fluid cooling system, you are available to mine as your wish, even in your garden. Noise generated by the devices will be defused by the cabinet. From now on, you will have a quiet and efficient mining farm.

What’s more, through our adapted PSU and software, the devices can achieve a 60% increase in hash rate and reduce the cost of each mining machine.

Box Technology immersion cooling solution is a future choice for crypto mining farms. Cryptocurrencies can certainly become greener. If you are interested in our immersion cooling solution, welcome to join our box technology family! Let’s mine together!


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