Let’s take part in the wonderful Bitcoin 2022 Expo

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the long-awaited Bitcoin 2022 Expo is finally here again and will take place in Miami Beach Convention Center on April 6, 2022, lasting for 4 days. During the Expo, 80 speakers including Michael Saylor, Saifedean Ammous, Adam Back, Jack Mallers, Yeonmi Park, and Cathie Wood will be on hand to deliver presentations, while 4,000 exhibitors and nearly 25,000 people attended the Bitcoin 2022 Expo on that day.

Day 1 of Bitcoin 2022 Expo

Walking into the site of Bitcoin 2022 Expo, what caught my eye is a nearly 40-foot replica volcano with the Bitcoin 2022 logo printed on which will also erupt suddenly, looks very spectacular!

▼The sign at the entrance of the Bitcoin 2022 Expo is obvious

Bitcoin 2022 Expo

▼Replica volcano with the logo of Bitcoin 2022

 Bitcoin 2022 Expo

With 1,445 booths, the Bitcoin 2022 Expo offers a dizzying array of products, from souvenirs to self-developed products to museum exhibits. The most popular are the booths of mining-related companies, including leading manufacturers of mining equipment, suppliers of immersion cooling to cool mining machines, and energy service providers offering environmentally friendly solutions.

▼It can be seen that the scene is very lively, and visitors are very much

Bitcoin 2022 Expo

▼Exhibitors are doing their best to let exhibitors know more about their products

Bitcoin 2022 Expo

The Expo is crowded with people, and exhibitors try their best to let more people know about their products, among them are various leaflets and LED displays, and our BoxTechnology naturally couldn’t lag behind. Although there is no booth, we have our own LED display to fully display our three liquid cooling products, including 40KW Liquid Cooling Box, 200KW Liquid Cooling Cabinet and 600KW Liquid Cooling Container. These three products not only perform well, but also lower price among the same products, more preferential, is absolutely your best choice to buy liquid cooling products!

▼BoxTechnology staff takes a group photo in front of the LEDBitcoin 2022 Expo

▼BoxTechnology staff is welcomed by numerous exhibitors

Bitcoin 2022 Expo

Day 2 of Bitcoin 2022 Expo

The second day was the conference mode (and the third day as well). There were wonderful speeches all day long. At the entrance of the conference hall, we can see a lifelike “Miami bull” created by CG Artist Furio Tedeschi, who did the art for the “Transformers” movie series. The 3,000-pound, 11-foot-tall “Miami Bull,” with so-called “laser eyes,” was chosen to represent Miami’s support for the Expo, a challenge to Wall Street’s iconic “Charging Bull.”

▼Vibrant Miami Bulls

Bitcoin 2022 Expo

▼There is a steady stream of people taking pictures in front of the Miami Bulls

Bitcoin 2022 Expo

▼Our BoxTechnology staff also ticks off the Bull

Bitcoin 2022 Expo

Day 4 of Bitcoin 2022 Expo

Entering the Bitcoin 2022 conference hall, you can see the large conference hall packed with exhibitors. When the first speaker stands on the stage, the conference officially begins and the audience enters listening mode, only hearing the voice of speaker. And when the speech reached climax, the audience burst into thunderous applause.

▼The participants are listening carefully to the speech

Bitcoin 2022 Expo

Then we come to the last day, it’s the Bitcoin Music Festival, everyone can forget their troubles and enjoy the music festival to the fullest.

▼Exhibitors under neon lights

Bitcoin 2022 Expo

This participation in the Expo has benefited me a lot. The product display on the first day allowed me to have a deeper understanding of mining products. The speech on the second and third day seemed to sublimate my soul, and many things were solved. This 4-day exposition really let me harvest a lot!

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