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With the development of industry and the improvement of people’s awareness of the environment and safety, the requirements for circulating pumps are also getting higher and higher. Our Box Technology uses high-quality circulating water pumps. Today, let’s get into the circulating pumps.

What are Circulating Pumps?

A circulation pump (also described as a recirculation pump) circulates fluid in a closed circuit with the intent of ensuring hot water is always available close to the consumption point. Consequently, water circulation pumps are commonly used to circulate water in a hydronic heating or cooling systems.

How does the circulation pump work?

So, how does a circulation pump work? First of all, water from the hot water system enters the pump through the inlet and into the eye of the impeller, this water will be trapped between the impeller blades inside the pump casing.


Electrical energy enters the junction box and flows through the motor windings, where a capacitor helps create a rotating magnetic field, and this field forces the rotor to rotate. Attached to the rotor is the shaft. The shaft comes off the motor and into the pump casing where it is attached to the impeller.


When the rotor rotates, the shaft and impeller also rotate. When the impeller rotates, it transfers kinetic energy, or speed, to the water and moves outward.

As the water reaches the edge of the impeller, its velocity, and kinetic energy increase.


By the time the water reaches the edge of the impeller, it has reached a very high velocity. This high-velocity water flies from the impeller into the vortex where it impacts the wall of the pump casing.


This impact converts the velocity into potential energy or pressure.

The water impacts the pump casing. Kinetic energy is converted to potential energy (pressure).


As the water moves outward and away from the impeller, it creates an area of low pressure in the center, pulling more water in, thus creating a flow. As the vortex channel rotates around the circumference of the pump casing, it expands in diameter. As the diameter increases, the velocity of the water decreases, which leads to an increase in pressure.

More water follows; a flow rate is formed. The diameter of the vortex channel expands; this causes the velocity of the water to decrease, which increases the pressure.


Thus, the enlarged channel allows more water to be continuously added and converted into pressure.


As a result, the pressure at the discharge port is higher than the pressure at the suction port. The high pressure at the outlet allows us to force the water to circulate through the pipe and be pumped out when and where needed.

Now, Let’s get to know the circulating pump for Box Technology:


Canned Motor Pump of Circulation

The internal oil cooling circulation system of our 40KW immersion cooling system adopts a Canned Motor Pump of Circulation. This water pump can more effectively isolate the water and the motor coil windings, without mechanical seals to ensure the normal operation of the motor. It has the characteristics of complete sealing, reliable safety, compact structure covering less area, stable operation, low noise, no demand for lubricating oil, and wide application.


Pipeline Canned Pump

A pipeline canned pump is a pump product with an integrated structure of a motor and water pump. It is used in our 120KW immersion cooling system. Compared with ordinary water pumps, it has stronger comprehensive performance and higher efficiency.


Vertical Centrifugal Pipe Circulating Pump

200KW immersion cooling system adopts a Vertical Centrifugal Pipe Circulating Pump, which consists of eight parts: impeller, pump body, pump cover, water retaining ring, pump shaft, bearing, sealing ring, stuffing box, and axial force balance device. It uses the rotation of the impeller to make the water perform the centrifugal motion, which can transmit the water faster.

Above is the water pumps corresponding to the three kinds of immersion cooling system of Box Technology. If you are unsure of what immersion cooling system to buy, feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you!

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