Introduction to Box Technology’s Electrical Control System

The world’s energy consumption shows an increasing trend. As the demand for electricity consumption increases and the importance of real-time monitoring and data collection of the power system increases, the power system inside any device is critical. Here we are going to talk about the electrical control system of Box Technology.

What is a Control System?

A control system is defined as a system of devices that manages, commands direct, or regulates the behavior of other devices or systems to achieve the desired result. A control system does this through a control loop, which is a process designed to maintain process variables at the desired set point.


In other words, the definition of a control system can be simplified to a system that controls other systems. The need for automation has increased with the increasing modernization of human civilization. Automation requires the control of interacting equipment systems.


In recent years, control systems have played a central role in the development and advancement of modern technology and civilization. Virtually every aspect of our daily lives is influenced in one way or another by some type of control system.


Examples of control systems in your daily life include air conditioners, refrigerators, air conditioners, bathroom toilet tanks, automatic irons, and many processes within automobiles – such as cruise control.


In industrial settings, we can find control systems in product quality control, weapons systems, transportation systems, electrical systems, space technology, robotics, and more.



The principles of control theory are applicable to both engineering and non-engineering fields.

Characteristics of a control system


The main characteristic of a control system is that there should be a clear mathematical relationship between the inputs and outputs of the system.


When the relationship between the inputs and outputs of a system can be represented by a single linear proportion, the system is called a linear control system.


Similarly, when the relationship between the inputs and outputs cannot be represented by a single linear scale, but the inputs and outputs are represented by some nonlinear relationship, the system is called a nonlinear control system.

What does Box Technologys Electrical Control System Consist of?


Our power control system is mainly composed of a control motherboard and LCD screen. The core devices of our power control system are all made of high-quality chips to fully protect the safety of the equipment’s power supply.

The body is also equipped with leakage protection, and a high-temperature warning device, and in the face of leakage, high temperature, and other emergencies can also be good protection for equipment safety.


Advantages of Box Technologys Electrical Control System
1. WIFI can be optional.

2. Liquid crystal display is adopted, and the display interface is clearer and more comprehensive.

3. Touch buttons are used in the operation, which is very convenient to set.

4. Easy installation and debugging, cost-effective, ultra-high temperature alarm, real-time monitoring, and control of liquid level, temperature, and so on.

5. Leakage protection device, to protect equipment and ensure personal safety, provides a reliable and effective technical means.

Box Technology Electrical Control System not only has the above advantages but also the immersion cooling system with the same performance. Our cost performance will be higher and we provide first-class pre-sales and after-sales service so that customers can get a satisfactory experience is our unremitting goal.

The Electrical Control System of Box Technology plays a vital role in the Box Technology immersion cooling system. As we all know, immersion cooling technology is feasible and superior to traditional techniques as a cooling method to save energy. If you want to know more about the electrical control system of box technology or even all of our immersion cooling systems, please never hesitate to email us at

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