How Effective is Immersion Cooling for Running High Performance Computing?

Any competitive enterprise must manage its operating costs, and the data center is no different. Power-consuming processors are on the rise. Every year, more cores are running at faster speeds, increasing the energy consumption of the data center. As a result, operating expenses grow rapidly. In today’s article, let’s look at immersion cooling and how effective it can be for running high-performance computing.

How Effective is Immersion Cooling for Running High Performance Computing?

The major operating costs of the data center include power and equipment maintenance. Breakthrough cooling technologies, known as immersion cooling, can significantly reduce both of these expenses.


Immersion cooling technology like Box Technology can reduce power expenditures for cooling. In addition to reducing operating costs, you will also reduce your hardware and real estate expenses, resulting in lower capital expenditures.


Immersion Cooling Increases Energy-Efficiency
Immersion Cooling Increases Energy-Efficiency
Immersion cooling is valuable in reducing the energy consumption of cooling systems in data centers because the heat capacity of liquids is orders of magnitude larger than that of air and once the heat has been transferred to a liquid, it can be removed from the data center efficiently.


As we all know, one of the bottlenecks in CPU performance is heat generation, which is a direct consequence of inefficient energy usage.


Most CPUs are optimized for general use when it comes to heat generation, and overclocking or continuous CPU-intensive computation usually causes heat to exceed design specifications.


To prevent overheating, modern systems reduce the CPU clock frequency whenever a certain threshold is reached. One can prevent this drop by simply overclocking the CPU further to prevent overheating.


On the other hand, immersion cooling is quite effective: the oil-based liquid used in immersion cooling absorbs and dissipates a large amount of heat, and liquid immersion cooling conducts heat away from the server 1,200 times more efficiently than air cooling, much more effectively than using air to achieve the same goal with a fan.


As a result, immersion cooling cuts operating costs by working more efficiently than air cooling. In fact, this efficiency yields direct and indirect cost savings.

Regardless of whether we’re talking about operating costs or the total cost of ownership, Boxtechy’s immersion cooling solution can dramatically cut costs while improving performance. For industry leaders who want to be in front of the curve, the choice is crystal clear.


Take the opportunity to use the energy efficiency, simplicity, and reliability of immersion cooling to reduce your costs. Liquid immersion cooling is a reliable solution for data centers of the future. The sooner you make this leap, the more you’ll save. Get in touch with Boxtechy today!

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