What’s Your Best Way To Be Cool?

When it comes to cooling for cryptocurrency mining, there are air cooling and immersion cooling. In today’s article, we will take you further into both cooling methods, and then maybe you will know which one is the best cooling way for you!
What's your best way to be cool?


Air Cooling
Air cooling is a method of dissipating heat. It works by expanding the surface area or increasing the flow of air over the object to be cooled, or both.


For many years, every computer you could buy was cooled by fans moving air over critical components (such as the CPU, etc.), and your only options for increasing cooling power were to add larger heat sinks, have them use better materials to transfer heat or add more fans.


The main benefit of air cooling is its simplicity. One fan to direct air into the case, one fan to push the warm air out the back, and a fan with a heat sink setup to cool your processor are all you need for a basic computer.


As you build a more powerful computer, air cooling begins to show its drawbacks. Sound is one of the most annoying. In everyday use, such as browsing the Internet, the air cooling unit does not produce much sound. When users start performing tasks that are stressful to the computer, such as hardcore gaming, the fan noise increases. During hard use, some air cooling units sound like the sound of an airplane taking off.


Recently this has changed with the introduction of immersion cooling.


Immersion Cooling
Immersion cooling is a thermal management technique, often applied as an IT cooling practice, by which electronic devices and IT components, including complete servers and storage devices, are submerged in a thermally conductive but electrically insulating dielectric liquid or coolant. Heat is removed from the system by circulating relatively cold liquid into direct contact with hot components, then circulating the now heated liquid through cool heat exchangers. Unlike many other applications, water cooling cannot be used as the normal water is electrically conductive and will break electronic components. Fluids suitable for immersion cooling have electrically insulating properties to ensure that they can safely come into contact with energized electronic components.


Compared to air cooling, water cooling has one major benefit. It is much more efficient. Having a water tank with a good cooling circuit on your processor will take away more heat and allow you to further overclock your processor without getting damaged. This is the preferred setup for high-end gamers. Another secondary benefit is that the sound of the water pump is insignificant compared to the sound of several fans.


Cryptocurrencies have never been in the public eye as they are today, with Crypto.com becoming a secondary sponsor of the FIFA World Cup.


Our company also launched a new mining immersion cooling system (20ft container) during the World Cup, which can hold 120pcs*S19 or M31s. The excellent circulation system enables it to have strong overclocking performance.
Our company also launched a new mining immersion cooling system (20ft container) during the World Cup, which can hold 120pcs*S19 or M31s.


With cooling ways, servers’ heat dissipation efficiency can be elevated, leading to lower power consumption and carbon taxes, more importantly, protecting the planet from irreversible damage. If you are interested in the boxtechy immersion cooling system, please contact us.

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