The Pre-operation Inspection of 200KW Immersion Cooling Cabinet (Part 2)

In part 1 we have primarily introduced the waterway installation, pipes connection, and the placement of miners and fluid. In part 2 we will show the main power access, wires connection, and energized 200KW Immersion Cooling Cabinet.

Step 7: Access the Main Power

Let’s access the main power. Use the cable from the electric control cabinet to connect.

To 200KW incoming mains line.

Step 8: Connect the Wires

Then connect the wires in sequence. Wire in sequence according to the corresponding color.

Step 9: Turn on the Power

After turning on the power, 200 KW immersion cooling cabinet is powered on.

Step 10: Switch on the Oil Pump and PLC display

First, switch on the oil pump.

Then, switch on the power of the PLC display.

After turning on the oil pump and all the operations are finished, then the screen will light up.

Step 11: Enter the system

After the screen lighted up, let’s enter the system. First, touch the “Start”:

Step 12: Switch on the PDU

After the screen is fully activated, let’s switch on the PDU. Then the machine starts running.

After these steps, maybe you will be interested in the connection between our transformer and the 200 KW cooling box.

The picture below is our transformer, and we use cables to connect the main power in sequence, then connect with screws.

This picture below is our 200 KW cooling box, and makes the cables go through the hole.

Through this hole, then connect to our main power switch. It is also the same color to the same color.

At these parts, we have primarily introduced the pre-operation inspection of 200KW. More pre-operation Inspections will be continued in the next update.


If you have any questions about our 200KW immersion cooling cabinet or others, please feel free to contact us.

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