ASIC Mining VS GPU Mining

The cryptocurrency mining industry can be broadly divided into two parts: Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) mining and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) mining.

If you want to start mining cryptocurrencies, you may be wondering whether you should buy an ASIC miner or build a GPU mining device. There are many points of comparison between the two, and each side has some advantages and disadvantages. In this article, let’s go deeper into each one.

How much money can I make with ASIC?

First, let’s see how to calculate the economic profit of ASIC and GPU miners and figure out what is more profitable. Let’s open

In the ASIC tab and select the hash value of your device. After pressing “Calculate:”, you will get a table with daily/monthly rewards.

Based on the data obtained and the cost of the mining equipment or ASIC, you can get an estimated payback period. Of course, this value is not very precise. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile and the profit you get may go up or down every day.

How much money can I make with a GPU miner?

We can do the same with GPU: go to the GPU tab, and you can select the graphics card you own or the data you enter manually (hashrate of your rig). Then press “Calculate” to get a table showing the rewards you can get:

You should also not forget about the network difficulty of the cryptocurrency you are going to mine.

Hundreds of new rigs are appearing in the world every day, and we’re not the only smart ones here. Mining is becoming more and more difficult. It’s exactly the same with ASIC or GPU devices – the profits you made yesterday, you have to share with new miners today.
pros and cons

The Advantages and disadvantages of mining equipment

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of mining equipment. There are many details to consider before making a choice, besides the payoff.


Advantages of ASIC

1. They are ready to work:
No assembly is required.

2. Easy to set up:
You turn it on, enter your wallet number – and it works.

3. Currently, it has a faster payback than the rigs.

Disadvantages of ASICs

1. No spare parts:
Repairs are possible but usually expensive.

2. Very noisy:
Even from three floors away, neighbors can hear it. In order to place the device, you will need a specific space, which means you will have to pay rent.

3. A lot of heat:
You need to take it away, which means setting up ventilation.
4. Mines use only one algorithm:
And if it’s not a popular one, the ASIC can go straight to the dumpster.

Advantages of GPU rigs

1. Availability of video cards:
You can come in and buy and then do the assembly.

2. The 1-3 years warranty on the video card and rig components:
So if something breaks, you can return it.

3. You can put it in your house:
It’s noiseless and doesn’t heat up a lot.

4. You can always sell it:
All the parts work in a regular computer, and the graphics card is what gamers need.

5. You can mine different cryptocurrencies:
The video card supports a large number of algorithms.

Disadvantages of GPU rigs

1. Assembly of the rig:
You need skilled hands.

2. You need to know how to do the following:
setup, Windows installation, and overclocking your graphics card. As an alternative, you can install an off-the-shelf Linux distribution (eg: HiveOS), but in this case, often you also need to deal with setup issues.

3. Mining devices take up more space than ASICs.

4. The current payback is slower than ASICs.

So, now that you have all the details, we hope this simplifies your decision as to which mining equipment is best for you.

In this article, we looked at ASIC Mining vs GPU Mining. Both of them have unique advantages that offer miners a good choice for profitable cryptocurrency mining. ASIC is currently the newest and most efficient miner in the industry.

As for the noise and heat of ASIC, some people use immersion cooling equipment. What’s more, Box Technology offers a high-quality immersion cooling system for cryptocurrency mining. If you have any questions about us, pls feel free to contact us at


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