2022 Green Data Center Chooses Liquid Cooling Technology

With the changing times and the rapid development of data centers, the traditional data center is no longer enough to keep up with today’s trends. People need to create the maximum benefit in limited resources, then only a new round of butterfly change – Green Data Center can be carried out. So what can be called a “Green Data Center”? Next, I will give you a Seriously analysis.

The Origin Of Traditional PUE Metrics

How to measure whether a data center is “green”, the first indicator that pops up in the minds of people who know this aspect is Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE), which was first proposed by The Green Grid (TGG) in 2007. For the data center, the lower the PUE indicator value, the lower the energy consumption of the data center except for the normal use of IT equipment, the more energy-saving. It is the ratio of the total power consumption of the data center to the power consumption of the IT equipment.

However, with the booming development of the data center industry, all the problems are gradually revealed, and the PUE indicator alone cannot fully and truly evaluate the green energy saving of data centers. Then only a more appropriate indicator can be chosen.

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Metrics Upgrade

According to the Uptime Global Data Center Report 2021, at this stage, in addition to PUE, comprehensive indicators such as Water Use Efficiency (WUE), Resource Efficiency (GUE), and Environmental Efficiency (CUE) are also critical.

Water Use Efficiency (WUE) was published by Green Grid in 2011, and it is the ratio of the annual water consumption of a data center to the annual power consumption of IT equipment in the data center. It has a WUE value of 0 in the most ideal state.

Environmental Efficiency (CUE) looks at the carbon usage of the data center media, and the optimal state CUE value is 0, which means that the data center does not produce any carbon emissions during its operation.

From the perspective of energy saving, the idealization of all comprehensive target indicators is the ultimate goal of our green data center today.

Liquid Cooling Technology Can Reduce Energy Consumption By 30%

In recent years, the cooling system is a major energy consumer in data centers, among non-IT equipment energy consumption. Represented by the traditional “air-cooled” technology, nearly 50% of the energy consumption is used for cooling IT equipment. How reduce the energy consumption of cooling systems has become one of the problems that must be solved in global data centers. Liquid cooling technology is the most ideal choice for data center energy saving today.

To be a Green Data Center, it is more important to choose the most ideal energy-saving system. Compared with traditional air-cooled technology, liquid-cooled technology consumes 30% – 50% less power than air-cooled systems. The overall energy efficiency of green data center rooms using liquid cooling technology can be improved by 30%.

With the development of the times, the chips used in data centers are getting smaller and smaller, and their heat flow density is also gradually increasing, traditional air cooling can no longer solve this problem, liquid cooling will become the inevitable choice for building green data centers.

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