The Best Water Cooling System For Miner In 2022

The water cooling system is an integral part of the immersion cooling system. A complete immersion cooling system is a way to reduce the temperature of a computer processor (CPU) and also one of the most important ways to cool the mining machine. Do you know how water cools the mining machine? What panels make up the water cooling system? And what about the others we don’t know about Water Cooling?

Water Cooling System – Composition

Immersion cooling system is generally composed of immersion oil cooling cabinets, water cooling towers and oil, while the water cooling system is composed of water cooling towers, water pumps, various pipes and plate-type heat exchanger.

▼mining with immersion cooling systems

mining with immersion cooling systems

Water Cooling System – Working Principle

The cooling water enters the pump from the cooling tower and then enters the indoor plate-type heat exchanger through the inlet pipe. After exchanging heat with the hot oil in the plate-type heat exchanger, it flows back to the water cooling tower through the outlet pipe.

▼Water Cooling System

Water Cooling System

Water Cooling System – Optimal Water Source

Under normal circumstances, when you decide to buy water cooling system equipment. The manufacturer will repeatedly remind you to use the water with neutralizer placed, no other water sources with more impurities. Why? This is because each place of tap water acidity and alkali degree is different, too acid or too alkali may corrode the plate-type heat exchanger, resulting in its damage. If the water with more impurities is used, when the water enters the plate-type heat exchanger, it will pass through the layers of filter devices, and the impurities will pile up in it. After a long time of use, the piled up impurities will cause the machine to short-circuit or even fail. For operation, be sure to use the water and oil specified by the manufacturer.

Water Cooling System – Judged Effective

When you place the miner inside the oil tank of the immersion cooling cabinet, after running for a period of time, the miner does not generate heat and can still maintain a stable mining speed. Some models of miners can even be effectively overclocked by 40%.

▼ effectively overclocked by 40%

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Emergency Situation – Temporary Water Outage

Because the miners are always immersed in the oil tank, heat is continuously generated during operation, which increases the oil temperature, and the way to reduce the oil temperature is to continuously circulate through the water cooling system to keep the oil temperature low, and at the same time, the miners can also operate normally. If the water is temporarily cut off in your area, under normal circumstances, the water in the cooling tower can be maintained for a period of time. If the water outage time is relatively long, the water cooling system cannot be operated. When the oil temperature is too high, the immersion cooling equipment will actively issue a warning and perform power-off processing to prevent the occurrence of danger.

Whether it is air-cooled or water-cooled, it is best to choose a cooling system that suits your miners. When you are still worrying about your budget and not knowing what to choose, your mining machine may be overloaded unknowingly. Now, the immersive cooling system of Box Technology can adapt to a variety of mining machine models and solve the problem of mining machine’s heat running overload for you!

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